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For Agencies

If you are a property agent or agency that has properties listed in Canarian Islands, You can now have your properties listed here in Finnish.

As the site is opened now in turn of 2018, there will be a lot to develop and all development ideas are welcome (kari.oksanen@ertuki.fi). All agencies, that have properties listed, shall have their own page in the site with company and contact details in Finnish. Should you have any question or development idea, let us know – we do want to get this project on a working level that will benefit both YOU and US.

NEWS! We have received some inquiries about RENTAL apartments, and we have decided to list those as well! So if you have apartments for RENT, please let us know and let us list them as well.




1. provide a site to list properties and apartments in sale in Canarian Islands
2. provide a supporting Facebook page for the site at https://www.facebook.com/kanarianasunnot/
3. contact local property agents in Canarias and offer our site’s services
4. we translate all the listings, maintain the listings and market the site in Finland for Finnish people

We have 30 yrs of experience in marketing and 10 yrs in Facebook.

Just lyourself as an agent with us and have unlimited number of listings and our translations. The annual fee for 2018 is only 39€ as this is the 1st operational year of the service.

Completing this form will send your details to us and enable us to create an AGENT user for you to list unlimited number on properties and rental apartments.

    After pressing the Submit we will check your form and create an AGENCY user for You after you have made the annual payment.
    We will send you a link to make the payment. The Annual fee is for 2018 only 499€ as this is the 1st operational year. 20% of service fees will be used to promote the site and the Facebook channel.

    Annual fee 2018, 39€

    Agent name
    Your company

    The marketing of this site will be both in Facebook and with Google AdWords. The marketing will be targeted to Finland and Finnish people and minimum of 20% of service fees will be used to market the site.

    ER-tuki ja Kettu Markkinointi are Finnish companies, that both have several years in practise and multiple sites running in Finland. We are trusted partner in eMarketing and hope to create this site to offer Finnish potential new homeowners a place to find that home in the South.

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